Saturday, February 27, 2016

Protection for the LADIES...This is truly for the ladies!

I did a small post last month about me joining "Damsel IN DEFENSE", ladies I will be writing more and more about this wonderful organization from time to time to hopefully get you more interested in reading, checking it out and finding out more about it for yourself. This company/organization was started by women for women!
Not to be bias from men (men can do it also), but to help empower women to take control and to protect their-selves/ourselves more and better in what ever way we can and are able too! 

I understand there are women (people) that do not like guns and are scared of guns, do not know or have proper knowledge about guns/use of guns. That is ok, now we have other ways to help protect ourselves! 
Here with Damsel, you can chose from several different items for protection or to have along with or add to your personal protection. This is also great for men that do not like guns or want to use a gun, everything that Damsel offers/has is not totally made for one gender. Although the ladies are in the forefront doesn't mean the gents can't use a variety of products that is offered. 

I will be adding pictures of products that we have and other info here and there, if you have any questions please ask and I will get back to you asap. If you want to ck out info about joining the Damsel Team I have info below where you can check more of it out.

Check out the website or go to my website at and see how we ladies can help keep ourselves safer. 
We have several things to choose from, ex: Stun-guns, pepper sprays (different types), whistles, door alarm and more. 

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