Thursday, December 31, 2009

Part 3---Electrolysis

Electrolysis is the most effective method of permanent hair removal possible.
A technique created more than 125 years ago to first treat ingrown hairs, it is suitable for a variety of skin and hair types and can help interested individuals achieve a smooth sleek appearance without the hassle of shaving.

In general this type of procedure involves a fine metal probe or needle that is inserted into individual hair follicles to provide an electrical current to the surrounding tissue. The electricity damages the tissue impeding further hair growth and permanently eliminating hair. There are three basic types of electrolysis also called electric
epilation treatments.
Which specific treatment you undergo is up to the trained professional hair removal specialist who administers the treatments. Many professionals prefer a particular method or they may choose which option may be most effective for individual hair removal needs.
Electrolysis is effective for a wide range of individuals with varying hair and skin types. Unlike laser hair removal even individuals with gray, very light blonde or red hair can undergo electric treatments to eliminate the unwanted hair. Furthermore treatments are safe to use on a variety of hair types including:

Electrolysis is more effective than shaving Legs
Bikini Zone

The coarser the hair and the deeper the follicles the more treatments may be required for total eradication. Because of the sensitivity of the skin and the nature of the necessary equipment electric treatments are not possible on hair inside the ears or nose or for most hairs from moles.

While in most cases electric epilation can cause permanent hair removal approximately ten percent of individuals experience some degree of hair regrowth. Nevertheless it is still the
most guaranteed method of permanent removal available for
cosmetic applications. Other complications that may arise from these electric treatments include:

Pain during and after treatment…though topical anesthetics can sooth irritation. Skin irritation including small rashes.

These side effects are rare but prospective patients needs to be aware of the possible risks
undergoing treatments. Other negative aspects of electrolysis include the high cost. Electrolysis may be up to twice the cost of laser treatments, the tedious nature of sessions depending on the size of the area to be removed. Sessions can last an hour or more and the fact that it may take multiple treatments to
remove hair thoroughly.

The number of necessary sessions and their duration depends on the type and amount of hair to be removed. Coarse deep hairs, legs, back etc may require multiple sessions and could take months to completely eliminate. On the other hand relatively small fine hairs such as a woman’s upper lip may be finished in less than an hour usually involving 34 brief treatments. Most hair removal requires multiple treatments because individual hairs grow in different cycles and a single session will not remove every hair.

The costs for electrolysis can be steep. Treatments range from $25 to $150 per hour and most insurance programs will not cover cosmetic procedures. While this may seem expensive interested individuals should remember that this is permanent removal, once the costs are paid and the hair is removed the results will last indefinitely.

Before scheduling treatments investigate the practitioner to be sure they are qualified to perform the procedure. More than 30 states now regulate electronic
hair removal treatments and professionals should be able to present credentials certifying their expertise.

Electrolysis is the most well documented type of permanent hair removal available with the most wide ranging applications for different hair and skin types. While it may at first seem uncomfortable and expensive the long lasting results and convenience of eliminating shaving, waxing, and other techniques may be well worth the sacrifice.

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