Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Part 2 of Permanent Cosmetics

** Nipple-areola micropigmentation procedures can be performed post-operatively after the skin grafts are completely healed, usually within a period of three to six months. Additional pigmentation may be required several weeks later to blend and better match the skin tone (matching skin tones is usually easier with bilateral micropigmentation procedures and results in a more uniform color match.) Micropigmenting the reconstructed nipple areola complex allows the use of skin grafts from more desirable donor sites. The skin coloring of the donor sites can be several shades different from the client’s original nipple-areola complex. For many clients, micropigmenting the nipple-areola complex provides the finishing touches to her reconstruction.
****You do not have to have any type of problem with you breast to have your areola enhanced with any color. If you just want to liven up your love life or make your self feel better when you look into the mirror, color enhancement is another way to go. After a woman has a baby or two and she starts getting older her areola also starts to look darker, now you can do something about that with a pretty soft color, more natural or of your choice.

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