Friday, August 6, 2010

? kombucha ?

I don't know anything about this drink
other than there seems to be alot more
of a rush to take it from the shelves and
to ban it now.

There seems to be a problem with it
having a little bit of alcohol in it and it's
not being labeled as having any in it.

But when something is fermented doesn't
that mean it's got at least a percentage of
some alcohol in it...that's why it is fermented!

I really just wanted to get some kind of information
out to ones that by chance haven't heard anything
about it yet to be careful with this product and do
more research on it and ask other people about it,
because if you can not drink for what ever the reason
and or on medication, then you need to be very care
with what is taken.

There is some other info on this product just below
from a news station in Washington, please read it
may give some insight.
Thank you.

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