Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Care in a nursing home..........

If you have to put one of your parents in
a nursing home, you really have to check
them out.
Go to the nursing home and look around,
ask questions about the place with the
staff and some of the residents, (in case you
don't know...the patience are called residents
instead of patience for a couple reasons.
(1st) is to make them feel more at ease by
being there, they figure if the people are referred
to as residents it would be more like home. (2nd)
is because it would seem more like a hospital or
hospital setting to be referred to as a patience all
of the time, and if the nursing home can be more
like home than it will not be so bad on the ones
that are having to live there.
Now that is what I was told, so who really knows!?

Now getting back to checking the place out, be sure
and look every where you can (and even if you aren't
allowed to-look anyway). Use your nose and smell
to see how bad it smells and how often it smells, in
what areas does it smell the worse and why. You
should really go to a facility several times before you
make up your mind.

Do not settle for one right off the bat if you can help it,
be sure and check several nursing facilities out, ASK
ASK QUESTIONS! You will not learn anything if you
do not ask questions, and if you have never been to a
nursing home before then ask the people you know,
people around you like from church, or work, or if
you belong to any clubs, friends, anyone that might
help you, that will talk to you about this and that could/
would give you some insight on what to look for and
what type of questions to ask. Ask your pastor if you
have one or even go to the hospital in your area and
as if they could help you, give you an idea of who to
talk to.

The first nursing home I had to put my mother in was
straight from the hospital into one because she had to
have 24/7 care and the hospital had a list of them in
my area. The only one that would take mother right
then was so bad, but we didn't know that till we had
gotten her in and after 3 weeks I had to say enough
is more than enough! I will not go into everything that
happened at this time, but it was so bad that the last
time she ended up in the hospital from there the hospital
contacted the sate, I didn't have to! My mother was
covered in bruises from her head to her toes!
Literally covered in bruises and the nursing home
said that mother had put all of the bruises on herself!
Even the hospital said "NO WAY SHE COULD

They even did what is call SNOWED HER!
That is when the nursing home thinks that one of the
residents might be to much trouble and they decide to
give the poor person so much medicine or keep them
so medicated with meds that will keep them from know-
ing who they are, or where they are. These poor little
elder people can't talk, walk, eat or anything by their
self because of the meds that has been given to them.

I moved my mother after seeing and her going through
all of this, thank the good Lord she does not remember
any thing that happened to her. (I would not want my
worst enemy going through anything like this).

There are good nursing home facilities out there, it just
might take some work to find them, check the BBB
(Better Business Bureau) also, you would be surprised
what you could find out there.

I will be writing more about this subject in the future and
will have more detail information also on things, hopefully
with my experience it might help someone out there before
they have to go through what we did.

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