Monday, November 1, 2010

Just no time!!!!

Hi, I am sorry I have had no time in a bit to
refresh info or even just to write about some
thing in a while.
My mother has been having problems again
and so has my dad so that has kept me very
busy. Keeping fingers crossed though things
will get better soon, also from my lips to GOD's
My dad BLESS HIS HEART... decided he was
going to make a little house for this cat that some
one had dropped off and dad started feeding it.
Well, that was ok till he plugged in the circle saw
and then things started to go thing
I know he is standing at my back door with blood
all over him and he couldn't get the door open. I
heard this soft knock at the door, (I was in the kitchen
getting ready to start supper) and I turned to look and
see this picture of dad standing there about ready to fall
down with this look on his face and blood everywhere!
Luckily after I got him cleaned up it wasn't quiet as bad
as we had first thought, THANK YOU LORD!
I won't go into it but it was bad enough, yet it could have
been so very much worse. When he got to the doctor the
next day the nurse almost had a fit and ask him what he
thought he was doing...he told her and she said you need
to be more careful and you had better be glad your
daughter was there.
You see my dad is on blood thinner, I have to give him a
shot every day because he has a pace maker. So he has to
be very careful with what ever he does because he could
bleed to death in a very short period of time! This is very
hard for any one to get use to!
I will be putting some info up blood thinners, I haven't
done that yet and also a bit more about Alzheimer and
Dementia, I have had a few comments/questions on that.
I do hope that what little info I do give from time to time helps

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