Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Will a Change in Diet Help My Glaucoma?

(just another note that goes with the glauoma
info I did a few weeks ago)

A reader with glaucoma asks: Will changing my diet or
taking supplements or vitamins help my glaucoma?
Here's what was advised.

Most forms of glaucoma are chronic conditions that
cannot be cured. Open-angle glaucoma -- the most
common form of glaucoma -- can often be treated
safely and effectively with medication or surgery, but
 lifelong use of medication is almost always necessary.

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that eating certain
foods or taking supplements can help with glaucoma
or reduce the risk of developing it.

One study from the University of California, Los
Angeles, which followed 1,115 women, did find that
the risk of glaucoma was significantly lower in women
who ate greens like kale or collards at least once a
month than in those who ate less. They also found a
link between less glaucoma and eating more carrots
and peaches.

But this was an observational study, meaning that the
differences in glaucoma risk could have been caused
by other factors that just happened to coincide with
eating more vegetables. What's more, data on more
than 40,000 women from the Nurses' Health Study
found no link between eating a diet high in antioxidants
and a reduced risk of developing glaucoma.

Despite these disappointing findings, making good lifestyle
choices is important for your overall health. Heart disease
and high blood pressure have been linked to an increased
risk of glaucoma, so there's a theoretical possibility that
following a heart-healthy diet could help your glaucoma.
It will certainly help your heart.

**you can read more o n the glaucoma by going back
to the august posting**

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