Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A little hint with mascara

I know if your like me, when it comes to your mascara it has to go on
and stay on good. Problem is most or rather 97% of the mascaras do not
do that. Unless you use water proof mascara, and in case you don't know
or aren't familiar with water proof mascara, you do not want to wear it
all of the time. Every once in a while is ok, but don't leave it on over night.
Water proof mascara dries out your lashes...yes it does! The makers of
mascara do not put any type of conditioners into water proof mascara
and this will hurt your lashes, not to mention it is hard to take off and you
do need to remove all of the mascara when you take it off.

I have found a way to use regular mascara and keep it on better. It will
help keep your lashes separated and the color stays better, I also think it
helps to make your lashes look longer, like putting more depth to then.
Or that is what I've been told by several people.

I use a good lash brush to go through my lashes before putting on any
mascara, then I spray some of my hair spray on the brush...but only very
little, I then apply that to my lashes which brings them front and centered
so to speak, lol . They are ready for the mascara and I put it on starting at
the base of the lashes and go upward. At the base I wiggle the brush just
a bit before going all the way up to the tips. I do the uppers and then the
lower lashes, after I do that I then go back over the lashes with the same
brush I used in the beginning to smooth the mascara and to make sure my
lashes are separated and in their places.

It's funny because when I was young and up to about late forties to early
fifties, my lashes were long, thick and pretty. But when I hit the age it was
when they decided to go crazy, I lost the thickness, the length and pretty
lashes. I started using several things on my eyelashes to see if they would
grow, (get long again) or at least to get fuller/thicker, but to no avail until
Latisse came out. I tried it and it worked, but the price money wise and the
price otherwise was not worth it. So I stared using Revitalash and seriously
this stuff has made a difference in my lashes. So I started selling it and I can't
keep it in stock.

Together with using the hair spray like I said on my lashes before adding
the mascara and using the Revitalash, my lashes honestly look so good.
...but note here, don't use just any hair spray. You want to use one with
conditioners in it. I personal use Aussie in the purple can because it is a
good hair spray, it doesn't get stiff or hard on your hair and you can comb
through it and it still keeps your hair looking good. This is why I started
using it on my eyelashes and also because it doesn't burn my eyes. I tried
a couple of others just to see how they would work and they made my lashes
hard and burned my eyes. So just becareful which hairspray your use if you
decide to try this out.

I hope this little hint helps you out like it has me. My eyelashes look so
good now, they are not looking like a tornado just ripped threw them
going every which way. (lol)
Good luck with yours!

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