Friday, December 11, 2015

Pleas help me put a smile on this beautiful little girl!

I do not normally do things like this, but this beautiful little girl and her story has just broken my heart. The story I got was all of her family were killed in a fire, she is the only one that survived and she all most died her self. This precious little child was burnt over most of her little body.  She was ask what she wanted for Christmas and she said...Christmas cards! That is all this little girl wants is Christmas card, so PLEASE help me and send her a Christmas card for Christmas and lets see if we can put a smile on her face. In the process of sending her a card PLEASE say a prayer for her and maybe even put her on your prayer list. Thank you so very much!
Her name is Safyre and the address is in above her picture. Again I thank you with all my heart!

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