Sunday, August 11, 2013

To help with thicker hair growth

Boost the benefits with niacin shampoo!

Using hair products infused with the B vitamin niacin results
in thicker hair growth, thanks to it's ability to up circulation in the scalp,
say Wake Forest University scientists.

<taken from Woman's World Magazine>

Cure thinning hair

Cure thinning hair with a ginseng scalp massage!

Massaging American ginseng into your scalp prompt the growth
of new hair, thanks to compounds that stimulate blood flow and
trigger the regeneration of cells responsible for growing hair,
reveals a just-released study in the Journal of Ethno-pharmacology.

To do: Mix 1 drop American ginseng extract with 10 drops jojoba oil
and massage for five to ten mins. daily. (this is one option: Eclectic
Institute American Ginseng.)

Another is check with you health food stores and see if they may have
these products in another item for helping to grow new hair.

<this info was taken from the Woman's World Magazine>

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