Thursday, December 24, 2015

The reason for the Season is JESUS

Wishing each of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BLESSED NEW YEAR for 2016!

To our MILITARY PEOPLE, I wish each of you and your families a very MERRY CHRISTMAS  and a SAFE and BLESSED NEW YEAR!

To Israel and my Jewish friends, I wish each of you a HAPPY HANUKKAH and for the NEW YEAR, BLESSINGS of PEACE, GOODWILL (from the CHRISTIANS in America) and may GOD keep you SAFE from DANGER, HARM!  

Helping to keep Ladies SAFER

Check out the website or go to my website at and see how we ladies can help keep ourselves safer. 
We have several things to choose from, ex: Stun-guns, pepper sprays (different types), whistles, door alarm and more. 
Be glad to answer any questions, just go to comment, I will answer asap.

The Legends of Christmas

Christmas Wreaths
The wreaths of Christmas are very special symbols of the season. Wreaths represent a love that knows no end. Much like the wedding bands that couples exchange when married, the wreath has no beginning and no ending. So, too, the love which came down at Christmas is eternal love, and the wreaths symbolize the love of God that never ends.

The Christmas Tree Star
Christmas Star on top of the tree for the most part represents the Star of Bethlehem. Christians see candles as "Christ's Light" and the lighting of candles on Christmas Eve comes from the Jewish "Feast of Lights" or Hanukkah.

The Candy Cane
The candy cane represents one of the oldest symbols of Christmas, the shepherd's crook, for the shepherds were among the first to experience that first Christmas. The colors of the candy cane have special meaning, too. The wide red stripe represents the sacrifice of Christ, "For by his stripes we are healed." The narrow red stripes represent our own sacrifices (giving). The white stripe is a symbol of purity. The peppermint plant is a member of the hyssop family, referred to in the Old Testament as a medicinal herb used for cleansing. As you eat your candy cane, you might want to break it, as Christ's body was broken for you, and share it with a friend, thus sharing in the sweetness of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Christmas tree
The Christmas tree, which is an evergreen with it's boughs stretched toward heaven, reminds us of the everlasting life that Christ came to bring sinners. The candles or lights on the tree remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.

The Holly
The holly leaves and berries from the holly bush are widely used in holiday decorations. The sharp pointy edges of the holly leaf remind us of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore upon his brow. The red berries remind us of the blood that Jesus shed. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Pleas help me put a smile on this beautiful little girl!

I do not normally do things like this, but this beautiful little girl and her story has just broken my heart. The story I got was all of her family were killed in a fire, she is the only one that survived and she all most died her self. This precious little child was burnt over most of her little body.  She was ask what she wanted for Christmas and she said...Christmas cards! That is all this little girl wants is Christmas card, so PLEASE help me and send her a Christmas card for Christmas and lets see if we can put a smile on her face. In the process of sending her a card PLEASE say a prayer for her and maybe even put her on your prayer list. Thank you so very much!
Her name is Safyre and the address is in above her picture. Again I thank you with all my heart!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cold and flu season is approaching

With winter coming on the cold and flu season is starting, here is some info that might help with you feeling better. I am all for the natural and homeopathy remedies. Along with uses of essential oils, herbs and minerals. 

 BUT PLEASE NOTE, I AM NOT A DOCTOR OF REGULAR MEDICINES and I am not saying to forgo your medical doctor or any meds you might be on/taking by any means either!

Get Ready for Summer

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