Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mother's Dementia

For the last several weeks my mother
has been going through a very difficult
time I guess one could say.

She has these moments where SHE
DOES KNOW exactly what she is doing
and saying and she cuts lose with every
thing and every one she that I
mean she gets MEAN, HATEFUL, UGLY!
She knows she is and she hits, bites, kicks,
cusses, scratches and will get a hand full
of your hair if she can and will pull as hard
as she can, she will actually do her best to

Mother also knows that there are times
when she does have trouble with her talking,
walking, expressions of what she wants to say
or tries to say; forming whole or complete
sentences or/and not being able to say a word
or name some thing she is trying to, that there
is something wrong with her and she doesn't
fully understand at that time just what is going
on with her, or she get so frustrated that she
can not figure out the things she wants to.

I do know this is hard on her because there
truly are times she does not understand and
she does get very confused about everything,
but as I said I do know she does know at times
exactly what she is doing and the nurses at the
nursing home where she is at all agree with
me. They are with her 24/7 month after month
and they are going know these things, but problem
is my dad thinks that everything she does when
she starts to go balancing off the walls, is not her
fault, that she really does not know what she is
saying or doing even though he has been told by me
and the nurses other wise.

When a person has Dementia or Alzheimer it is so
hard to know what to do and not to do, because
any little thing you say or do can really set
them off on a rampage!

There is also another thing that I have learned from
the medical staff at the nursing home and from the
hospital...that is if a person was hard to handle in
a nursing home/hospital/home bound care, then
99.99% of the time that person was for the most
part a person that was that way before he or she
ever got sick...meaning they were like that for the
biggest part of there adult life. Rude, hateful, mean,
not caring about others' feelings, everything was always
about them (very center of attention), a lot of the time
getting physical, (kicking, hitting, biting, pulling hair
just what ever they felt was ok for them to do). So in
other words the doctors and especially the nurses can
basically tell what kind of a person you were before you
came to them in how you act when you have to go to a
nursing home/hospital or be home bound with an illness
or sickness like Dementia or Alzheimer, because you just
become more like the person you were before your illness
only more so! That's only until the illness starts to finally
take over more and more, then it's like I guess your brain
finally gets over loaded and your mental status/capabilities
start to shut down and it gets harder and harder to function
mentally and to know the difference.

The Dementia from what I am finding out more about is a
faster working illness than that of Alzheimer or seems to be
for the most part for most patience's, or that shows to be in
mother's case and in some others. The medical field still doesn't
in this day and time have a whole lot of information dealing
with either one of these illness, they are trying and have been
able to find a few things but it still isn't enough to make any
kind of a difference. But they are trying!

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