Thursday, August 19, 2010

Now Glaucoma...with everything else

Since my mother had the light heart attack a few wks.
ago as the doctor called it, we've had to have her
checked for pressure on the eyes or in the eyes.
Not sure how that goes but any rate the doctor
wanted her ck'd for the eyes first before he does
any other testing such as the MRI or CAT SCAN
then he will go ahead and do the others on her
head to see if she is by chance bleeding again in
the brain like she did before.

So the nursing home made an appt. with the eye
doctor and wk. before last she went and the doctor
said there was no pressure on her eyes but he did find
she had glaucoma and it was located in the back of the
eyes if I understand correctly.
So now she has to go back this wk. again and he is
going to test her one more time for pressure on the/in
the eyes and then I will find out more about the glaucoma.
The nurse did tell me mother would be loosing her sight
but I didn't find out if it would be quick or slow. If that does
happen, it's gonna be KATY BAR THE DOOR cause mother
will not take to that well at all and then that just adds more on me!

As I said I know nothing about glaucoma, but I have looked up
a bit of info and added it below and I will be adding more after
I talk to the doctor on this next visit with mother.

Ya know just when you think you might have a very small
handle on things concerning a family member with severe
health problems, then something else sneaks in to let you
know you don't!
I am hoping against all odds it looks like that this is or will
be fixable but what from I'm hearing it's not.

More later when we go back to the next appt. and I'm still hoping
for better news.

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