Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One day longer than the next....

Well, mother went back to the eye doctor
and he rechecked her eye pressure in both
eyes, he also retested her for glaucoma and
the results there were GREAT! Mother does
not have glaucoma so this is VERY GOOD
NEWS! Now her M.D. has to start scheduling
the other test like MRI and Cat Scan of her
head to see what is going on with the very bad
headaches she been having.

We don't know what to expect here because
of the 22 bleeds she had in her brain when she
had the double strokes that were caused by the
medicine given to her when she was in the ER
with her heart attack last year.

With all of this happening it just fast forwarded
the dementia she has, and it has not only been
very hard on her but on us also.
One day seems longer than the day before
each time. And all you can do is ask when will it
end, not just for us but for her also? It is so hard
to see her in the condition that she's in knowing for
a fact she doesn't want to be or like it and does
not understand what is truly going on, but knows
that something is and that things just aren't right
as she put it with her.

Of course that can go for any one person that is in
the same condition, not with the same medical
problems but with any that are life threatening.
Doesn't matter if it's cancer, diabetes, leukemia
what ever it might be. It's so hard on the person
that has it and the family of the person.

You sit there and ask what you can do to help
and or make it better but in reality there is nothing
you can do except to just keep praying.

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