Saturday, December 11, 2010

No Time In Today's World

There is just no time in today's world for
anything much less to think, feel, or remember
about how things/world use to be, what seems
to be like so many eons ago now. (Actually so
many centuries ago now/key word being SEEMS)

I just had a couple of minutes to my self here and
I did something I haven't had a chance to do in a
while and that was to go back and check in on
some of the other blogs I have been trying to
follow since I have started all of this blogging stuff.

The 1st one I ck'd on was "More Than Anyone 
Wants To Hear." I have noticed that there had not 
been any updating to this blog in atleast 6 months
and so I went back to last entry to see what was
going on and I am truly praying that this lady that 
had cancer has been cured or in remission atleast,
because it has been 6 months since there has been
any writing on her blog at all.

There are comments still being left here and there hoping
she is doing well, but I think she has stopped all together
because she is either out of the woods finally or hopefully
cured...are as much as one can be cured of cancer.

The 2nd blog I ck'd on is "Circling My Head." It has been
3 months since I have seen anything written on her blog
either so I went back to see what has been happening
and her mother had cancer, her aunt has cancer and her
aunt's son had gotten cancer and now he has died, her
mother has died and now the aunt isn't doing so well
and having a great deal of trouble.

The comments keep coming in on her blog also. From
what I have gather this lady and her lovely mother did
blogging to and everyone got to know the aunt from
their blogging, especially from the mother's blog.

These lovely ladies...all three of these ladies were and
are special people. They have several that follow to see
what is going on and how every one is doing.  This family 
really has been through some hard times and it isn't over
yet because the aunt as I said is going through it now with
cancer she had gotten.

My heart goes out to all of these ladies in both blogs! Each
one is a VERY SPECIAL LADY  in my books! And when
you read what they are going through and how hard it is 
and has been it most definitely give you an jolt back to 
reality, you aren't the only one going through rough, 
bad or hard times no matter what they are!

There is always some one that has it as bad or in most
cases worse than you do, and every once in a while we
need to be jolted back or to be woken up to that fact.
I know I do anyway.

I have lupus and I deal with it on a daily bases, but I
also have my parents to take care of. My mother is in a
nursing home and I am up there almost 24/7 with her
and my dad lives next door to me. I take care of his
house and mine, I do my best to take care of him and 
her myself. I also try to work but that is getting in-
creasingly harder and harder to do.

We do what we can, how we can, when we can and
hope for the best. Of course it goes without saying
that with out the GOOD LORD helping me I wouldn't
be able to do half the things I am able to do! I know
I have been blessed and will continue to be blessed
with the Lord. But that doesn't mean that there are
not times that I don't lose it...I do, I scream, cry and
when I don't catch my self I curse. My temper and
my patience have at times gotten the best of me, but
thank goodness no one was really around to see what
an awful mess it was, I was! (Well maybe a couple of
times but I do my best to have those little episodes
when I am ALONE!)

I am learning that I am not SUPER WOMAN, and
that I AM NOT A ROCK! These are very hard
lessons for me to learn.

No time in today's world for anything, it's hurry up
and do this, or do that, not enough hours in a 24 hr.
day any more. What are we doing to are selves?
What have we done to our selves?
We think the harder we work, the more we'll have
and be able to do...this is just not right! We do not
have more, aren't able to do more, when it comes
right down to it we are doing nothing but killing our
selves in a bigger hurry.

Heart attacks, cancers, high blood pressure, stress,
migraine headaches and so much more are all on the
higher end of the rector scale now more than ever!
They say we are living longer, we might be but look
at the state of health we are living longer in!

What kind of sense does this make? Is it just me?

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