Monday, May 2, 2011

**New bill on Alternative Healing

Here is some more info. Please contact as many
representatives as you can if you support the bill.
At the moment we urgently need calls to the
members of the Senate Health & Human Services
Committee. They are listed in the email about the bills.

About HB 1716 & SB 1084

1) This bill protects unlicensed complimentary and
alternative care practitioners such as those listed below.

2) This is the FIRST TIME that bills of this nature
have made it to both the House and the Senate.
This kind of opportunity is very rare, remarkable
We need to support it while there is a chance of
seeing it pass.

3) The bills are scheduled for a hearing. We will
not know the day and time until the Monday before
 the hearing which will be on a Wed or Thurs.
Your attendance is really needed, if you can possibly
be there.

Types of health care practices that are included (partial list):
cranial sacral therapy
detoxification practices and therapies
energetic healing
polarity therapy
folk practices
healing practices using food, food supplements,
nutrients and the physical forces of heat, cold, water,
touch and light
Gerson therapy
healing touch
mind-body healing practices
traditional Oriental practices such as qigong

You can view these bills here:

HB 1716:

SB 1084


The House bill has two sponsors, John Garza and William Zedler

The Senate bill is sponsored by Jeff Wentworth


1) Call or write your representatives and let them
know you want them to vote for these bills. If you
 don't know who your representatives are, go to and on the left side
you'll see "Who Represents Me?".

2) If at all possible attend the Texas Senate hearing
on April 26th noted above. If you want to be notified
of the date and time of the upcoming hearing in the
Texas House of Representatives please let the person
who sent you this email know that, or else email Kay at and she will put you on the
email notification list.

3) If you have questions please visit

Thank you!!!

**My Comment: We can not allow the governement to
take any more of our choices away from us! We have
got to stand and be counted!!

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