Monday, March 14, 2011

What else water does

I do know that when washing you hair,
after you get through with the shampooing
and you put the conditioner in, let the
conditioner set on your hair for atleast 5 mins.
(meaning leave it in while you finish your bath
or shower) this gives it enough time to get more
conditioning in /to your hair. It really helps the
hair especially if you have dry or damaged hair,
until you are able to do a deep conditioning and
this is very important especially if you color, use
blow dyer, flat iron or curling iron.
**Another little tip is to after shampooing and
conditioning your hair when rinsing it, do the last rinse
in cool helps to seal the cuticles and also it
will help your scalp to not get the itches like sometimes
happen. Try it , it really works.
**One more little tip after washing/cleansing your face
rinse it with cool water, it helps close the pores and give
that smooth look, then add your moisturizer before bed.
Do the same the next morning, rinse in cool water and add
a light moisturize and then your makeup. Try that and see
if it works for you.

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