Monday, May 7, 2012

Cut your risk by calming your Bood Sugar

Sugar surges fuel the growth of cancers, so keeping your blood sugar
steady is key to both stalling the growth of tumors and giving your
immune system time to destroy them.

To Do :
1. Block sugar absorption by taking a fiber supplemnet ( such as ground
flax or Metamucil) each morning.

2. Include a little protien (meat, eggs, dairy or tofu) with every meal to
slow carb absorption.
                ~~ the info above is from the University of Pittsburgh~~

**Flax seed or flax meal is very good to mix in to oatmeal, (or any hot
cereal). As the flax meal you can also mix it in to soups, stews, gravy
and sprinkle it on/in salads. I use it in a lot of receipes, just use about
2 tbs. till you get use to it, then you can gage for your self.

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