Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Products

I wanted to show off my new products
I started in July of this year. I am very
proud of my products and if anyone
would like to order any or all of them
you can go to my website at
and go to the order page.

I am also selling RevitaLash and
RevitaLash Mascara in Black
and Brown Colors.
These products are very good,
I use them both and the girls at
the salon/spa use the mascaras also.
The clients that have purchased these
product are very happy with the.

I will be adding my Bath Salts
Product in the future, although it
will be after the January 2011.

So check back from time to time
to see what is new and what else
might be going on along with the
health news bulletins from time to
to time and more info on what is
going on with my business.

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